Surf the Web Faster & Safer with Fewer Ads!


Group 31665

Tired of annoying ads and intrusive tracking? Malicious actors use ads and trackers to defraud victims, protect yourself with PageBoost!


Group 31664

Eliminate annoying ads and online trackers. Speed up your browsing with better protection from fraudsters and harmful websites.

Group 31660


Fewer ads and trackers means pages load up to 42% quicker.

Group 31658


PageBoost reduces your exposure to fraud, malicious sites and advertisers.

Group 31659

Just Better

Give yourself a better overall online experience and peace of mind.

Group 31662

44%  Faster Page Load

Give yourself a better overall online experience and peace of mind.

Group 31594

90% Sites with Ads/Trackers

Most major websites have either ads, trackers or both.

Group 31661

$6 Trillion!

Cybercrime across the globe costs nearly $6 trillion per year. Stay safer with PageBoost.

Group 31663

Eco Friendly

Reduce your CPU, memory and power usage with PageBoost.

Comparison Table

With PageBoost

Without PageBoost

Blocked Ads

Block ads, pop-ups and annoying banners on all your favorite websites, including Facebook and YouTube.

Blocked Trackers

Protect your privacy and block third-party trackers that monitor your website history.

Faster Page Load

Improve webpage loading times by avoiding bots and scripts that slow down your internet.

Reduced Power Consumption

Be greener by reducing your PC’s power consumption when bogged down by online advertising.

Distraction Free Browsing

Manage what you want to see on websites for a better browsing experience.

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